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A long time ago this was a world of chaos with nothing in existence. Within that chaos, the only thing that was created with order and a presence was light. The light burned more furiously as it sucked in the other chaotic energies that were scattered amongst the land. As the light burned brighter, the dark shadows of the world where light could not reach became even darker. As the burning light gathered together which formed the power of creation. The dark power that was heavily falling into the bottomless pit became the power of destruction.

Getting Started Edit

Upon starting the game, players appear in Ludilos as their starting village. Now what should you do? Start adventuring! Roco, the weaponsmith needs to speak to you!

You can find Roco at the south eastern district of Ludilos.


You will notice Roco is calling for Help! Left click on him to see what he needs. Roco is a talented guy and there are many things he can do. You want to make see what Quest he has available for you.

Image004 His quest is entitled: Beginning of an Adventure.


Roco will explain the details of the Quest and you can press the Accept button to begin the Quest.


You can see exactly what you need to get done now to complete this quest.


Now on to Cheshuka!

First, you need to go to the World Map by pressing ESC


At the World Map, you can find Cheshuka just to the south west where your journey now begins!


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